Haulage service

Haulage vehicles are availability for our procurer with staff or without staff as well. The vehicles can be hired for odd job, short or long term period as well.

Ask for personal offer.

Class 047 375

-Axle configuration: Co - Co

-Output: 2050 kW

-Starter of pulling power 245 kN

-Vmax: 120 km/h

-Number of axle: 6

-Axle load: 19 t

-Gross: 114 t

The type of class 47 engine is recommended for main line train forwarding, heavy freight train forwarding, and heavy coupling set, work-train moving.


742 275

-Axle configuration:Bo´ Bo´

-Output: 883 kW

-Starter of pulling power 192 kN

-Vmax: 90 km/h

-Number of axle: 4

-Axle load: 16 t

-Gross: 64 t

The type of 742 engine is recommended for smaller freight train forwarding, reversing job and sort carriages.