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Gödöllő and Domonyvölgy

The town of Gödöllő is 50 minutes away from Budapest and offers authentic experience to all interested in history. Our guests are welcomed in the beautifully renovated Royal Waiting Hall of Gödöllő, with champagne and music, upon request. The Royal Palace of Gödöllő, which was a coronation present from the Hungarian nation to Emperor and King Franz Joseph and Queen Elizabeth (Sissi), is easily accessible, even with a walk across the park. In Domonyölgy, next to Gödöllő, excellent programmes and horse shows entertain our guests in the Lázár Equestrian Park

Time of the journey: 50 minutes

Lajosmizse – Tanyacsárda

Our train is halted by ‘betyárs’ (19th century highwaymen) on horseback in the puszta, offering welcome drinks and snacks, and performing an authentic horse parade. Afterwards a horse cart takes our guests to the tanyacsárda (village tavern) where they can try the best of rural Hungarian cuisine

Time of the journey: 2 hours

Danube bend

The Danube bend unveils its beauties best on a train ride. The railway is located directly at the riverbank; our guests are to enjoy the breath-taking panorama during the journey. In the evening hours one can admire the amazing view of the illuminated Visegrád Castle as well. Visegrád is can be reached by a short ferry ride from the station of Nagymaros. In Zebegény an exclusive organ concert is offered to our guests. For train lovers we recommend the unforgettable experience of the narrow gauge railway of Királyrét and Szob.

Time of the journey: 1,5-2 hours.